I needed a place on the web now that I'm self employed, so here it is. It's only temporary and when I get the time I shall update it. As I spend all of my time on my clients and my son, it may be a while.

I began my career as an Electronics Techincal Apprentice back when I left school in 1986. Ever since I have had two mantras when it comes to work. To learn all I can and to help people at every opportunity.

In my career, I have gone from my apprenticeship through to my current role of a planning consultant, but along the way I have been an office clerk, an electrical engineer, IT engineer, Training Manager, Techical Support Officer, Design Office Manager, General Manager for an Electrical Company and also Chief Design Engineer for a innovative solar energy company.

I've had lots of achievements along the way; my most important being my two sons.

I've turned off the links at the top. One day I may put them back in, but if you need my help, email me or give me a call.